Critical Evaluation Essay

My friend This is another work if you can finish it within 2 days Max will be great In the same topic But you need to write Critical Evaluation essay Please read attached file Critical Evaluation essay An essay offering a critical evaluation of one or more of the theoretical frameworks or constructs studied during the module. Appropriate theoretical frameworks/constructs covered have been Ellis’s Behaviors, Kuhlthau’s Information Search Process and Foster’s Non-linear Model, although you need to ensure that the chosen approach is appropriate for your project/research else you might have to look further afield (and others were mentioned/covered in the lectures). The starting point is that you need to choose one of the theoretical frameworks or constructs studied during the module. This is not necessary a single article/etc. Subsequently you need to describe this framework/whatever, link it to your own research area, why you selected it (I assume because it fits in and could be useful), provide a critical evaluation (so what is good/bad about it), and be reflective (so what did you learn/feel/etc.). Make sure you include references as it needs to be an academic essay. Marking Criteria 3,000 words. Worth 60% of overall mark. The essay should provide a clear description of the chosen subject area, how this relates to the own research area and why this was selected. The evaluation should be critical and academically based. Reflection should be used to show understanding.

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