Demonstrate and apply an understanding of a PMO


The primary goal of this project is to develop a PMO and understand the role of project governance. As part of your project you will be required to set up a PMO for your organization. Deliverables: Your project will have the following deliverables 1. Organization Context 1. Organization Chart without PMO 2. Departments 3. Projects 4. Organization Chart with PMO 2. PMO Setup 1. Description of problem 2. Expected benefit 3. Costs involved 4. Constraints 3. PMO Charter 1. PMO statement of purpose 2. Customer and Stakeholders 3. Services Offerings 4. PMO structure 4. PMO SWOT Analysis 1. Strengths 2. Weaknesses 3. Opportunities 4. Threats 5. PMO Interview Questions: Complete the attached PMO candidate interview form 6. Implementation of Core-Enabling Processes Assessment 1. Strategic Alignment 2. Organizational project management methodology 3. Governance 4. Competency management.

Sample Solution

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