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Submission instructions:

1. Maximum word length: 2000 words.

2. Submit a soft copy in Word format via Turnitin (with an assignment cover sheet).

3. Assignments submitted by other means (e.g. email) or forms (scanned copy, Excel document) will attract no marks.

Late submissions: The mark for an assessment item submitted after the designated time on the due date, without an approved extension of time, will be reduced by 10% of the possible maximum mark for that assessment item for each day or part day that the assessment item is late. Note: this applies equally to week and weekend days.

Case Study – AccorHotels

AccorHotels is a multinational hotel group founded in 1967 and now operates 4,300 hotels under 20 brands in 100 countries. The hotels owned and operated by AccorHotels encompass services ranging from budget and economy lodgings (e.g., ibis, Mercure) to luxury and upscale hotels (e.g., Grand Mercure, Fairmount Hotels & Resorts). The hotel group, particularly its economy brands, recently identifies a major issue that challenges its market share due to the rapid expansion of the new model of hospitality service provided by Airbnb. Airbnb harnesses the advancement in and prevalence of the Internet technology to rapidly expand its accommodation marketplace offers to 191 countries. It provides a wide variety of accommodation choices including but not limited to apartments, villas, castles, threehouses, and B&B often at a competitive price. In the meantime, along with its rapid expansion, Airbnb is also gaining negative publicity due to concerns about its impacts on local communities and guest safety.

Faced with this growing challenge from Airbnb, the executive team of AccorHotels decides to conduct research to inform its decision relating to developing a strategy that taps into the values its guests are looking for that distinguishes AccorHotels from Airbnb and convince them to continue using AccorHotels’ service. In this assignment, you will play an assumed role as a researcher hired by the hotel group to conduct research and collect information needed to assist with the decision-making process. Before the commencement of data collection, you are to develop a research proposal to communicate to the executive team what is to be attained from the research and how.


The research proposal needs to be structured as follows:

• Problem statement/background (250 words): 10 marks
(This section should provide a succinct background of the case that places the analysis into context).

• Purpose of the research (150 words): 10 marks
(You need to clearly identify the purpose/objective of the research. You may write down the main purpose of the research and that can be segregated into some specific research purposes/objectives).

• Research design, including the design of a questionnaire (600 words): 30 marks
(Research design section should explain the way the research will be conducted. In particular, this section should mention the research approach to be used and its justification. A questionnaire will be included in research design.)

• Sample design (350 words): 15 marks
(Sample design section should clearly identify the target population and the type of sampling techniques needed. This section should also discuss how large the sample size may be).

• Data collection, processing and analysis (250 words): 10 marks
(Data collection, processing and analysis section should clearly demonstrate who will gather data or how will the data be gathered, how much supervision is needed, and what basic techniques are needed to process and analyse data).

• Budget and timeline (200 words): 10 marks
(Total budget and time period need to be meaningfully allocated to different steps of research).

• Dummy tables (100 words): 10 marks

(Dummy tables should report some hypothetical result to inform the audience how the actual results will look like. Dummy tables should be consistent with research/survey questions).

• References (100 words): 5 marks
(American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition.
Note: Word count is a guide only.

Suggested Readings

1. Business Research Methods (with Qualtrics Printed Access Card), 9th Edition William G. Zikmund, Barry J. Babin, Jon C. Carr and Mitch Griffin
2. GSBS6002 Weeks 1-5 Lecture Notes/Handout and workshop materials (available on Blackboard).
3. Guttentag, D. (2015). Airbnb: Disruptive innovation and the rise of an informal tourism accommodation sector. Current Issues in Tourism, 18(12), 1192-1217. doi: 10.1080/13683500.2013.827159
4. Farnsworth, S. (2018, 24 February). Airbnb in Australia: Entire homes, commercial listings ‘surge’ amid growing concerns. ABC News. Retrieved from
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