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1. Discuss the importance of the introduction to a study. 2. Why is the abstract considered the most important paragraph in a study? Identify 2 examples of good and bad abstracts from the list of articles you selected for your study and critique them. 3. What is the deficiency model of an introduction? Discuss how using this model when writing the introduction to a study or proposal may set the stage for the reader. 4. Why do you think one should avoid idiomatic expressions and quotations when stating the research problem? What do you think the distinction is between the research problem and the research introduction? 5. Discuss the importance of framing the study within existing literature when writing the introduction. 6. Discuss the importance of the purpose statement in any research, and distinguish between the purpose statement and the problem statement in a research. 7. Using two of the four mixed-methods purpose statements discussed in the chapter/power point examine the importance of combining quantitative and qualitative methods.


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