Effect of internal customer satisfaction on service quality and word of mouth

“How does the satisfaction of hotel employees ensure an increase in the quality of service delivery and enhance the word of mouth

a. Analyzes the context and describes how the business, design or advice approach relates to it. b. Identifies aim of the thesis relevant, feasible and innovative for the specific context. 2. Literature review a. Synthesizes recent and high quality literature relevant for the context and aim for the thesis. b. Creates a visualization of the concepts to study including their relationship (if applicable). 3. Objectives and research questions a. Formulates concrete, specific and unambiguous objectives or research questions. b. Describes clear and realistic constrains for the design process (if applicable). c. Critically points out the scope and limitations of the project. 4. Methods of research a. Justifies the chosen design methodological approach b. Justifies the chosen research method(s) c. Justifies the chosen design tools, methods or models d. Justifies the chosen model of analysis e. Reflects on practical and ethical issues related to the context and the chosen approach of research 5. Results, findings, outcomes a. Outlines logically relevant results (outcomes) b. Analyzes results (outcomes) using appropriate techniques 6. Conclusion and discussion a. Interprets the results (outcome) in relation to the context of the thesis b. Relates the conclusion to the objectives or research questions 7. Advice and recommendation/Business Model a. Devises relevant, complete and sustainable business model b. Composes advice and /or recommendation for context specific implementations




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