Marlene Birds Case in Canada

Review the case of Marlene Bird’s, the woman Who was brutally assaulted and set on fire in the Canadian province of

Saskatchewan- Conduct a research into the details of the case and answer the following I

1- What specialized policing units are involved in this operation? How do they work together to relay information and

support one another.

2- What issues are present, for example any barriers or obstacles the officers encounter. Identify at least two issues-

Analyze how they impact the case and the ability of the officers to do theirjobs-

3- What tools did they use? Tools may include legislation, policing techniques, strategies, technology, or any method that

supports the case or initiatives- Identify a minimum of three tools used in this operation and explore how they support the


4- What people (positions, roles) are involved- Identify at least three career roles and explain how they are involved in

this operation- Discuss how they support the officers involved in this case-

The paper should address all outlined categories (units, roles, tools, issues) in depth With supportive details, and

demonstrate analytical thinking- Three or more descriptors are listed for each of the categories- The information

presented in the paper should be well organized, and easy to follow/read- The units, roles, tools, and issues are all

present in the write up and are easy to distinguish from one another.



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