Quality management plan part 3


You have done the first two parts of this assignment for me this is the last part of it. This week’s assignment will be to complete section 5.0 in your QMP template, your quality control plan. Please complete all of section 5 and use the same plan you have been adding to all along.

1.0 Quality management plan
1.1 Introduction and project objectives
XYZ fast food restaurant is one of the few restaurants in Tiffin city which will be well known for offering quality products to its customers. Over many decades, this place has experienced a lot of customer complaints concerning the kind of the products provided to them by the already established restaurants. It has been tough for the customers to gain their desired satisfaction out of the low-quality foods offered there. Irrespective of the restaurants producing low-quality fast foods, their food is still highly priced which has triggered more debates among the residents of this area who are the primary customers. As a result of this, XYZ fast food restaurant has been proposed as the only restaurant which will provide a remedy to the problems facing our customers. XYZ fast food restaurant, therefore, aims at providing quality and cheap fast foods which will ensure customer satisfaction.
1.2 Project background
The demand for fast foods is always high in Tiffin city. It is because the residents of this area value these foods which are prepared within short periods of time as the majority of them are working class hence they always operate under tight schedules. This state, therefore, limits the time they are supposed to sit in restaurants and wait for their orders to be prepared; the reason as to why they prefer fast foods. However, their desires are not met well as they do not find quality restaurants which prepare quality food products for their consumption. Over 20% of people in this area are known to prefer fast foods for their lunch. Majority of those people are identified to earn meager incomes which disqualifies them from spending a lot for the meal as the modern restaurants are highly priced. XYZ fast food restaurant aims at utilizing all procedures and protocols that will ensure the products of this restaurant are of high quality and also reasonably priced.
1.3 The scope of the project
This purpose of this project will be developing the necessary mechanism that will be aimed at providing quality fast foods that will ensure customer satisfaction. It will solve the long-term problem that has been facing our fast food customers in this city while ensuring that they are capable of saving their money.
2.0 Organization and management
2.1 Organizational quality standards
To achieve its Goals and objectives, XYZ fast food restaurant’s organization will have to put necessary procedures that will ensure that there is no margin for error in its operation. Some of the quality standards that will be initiated will be ensuring that foods are prepared faster hence the customers are served within the minimum time possible. It will be enabled by employing experienced staff who will support the vision of this project. Training of the employees will also be paramount to the success of this restaurant project (Goetsch & Davis, 2014). Additionally, the management will ensure that there is the screening of the raw food before it is prepared to provide that our customers do not get exposed to sicknesses.
2.2 Customer/project quality standards
To achieve its goals, this project aims at increasing the number of fast food customers by 25% through ensuring that they obtain good experience that will provide that they treat themselves well and also inform others. The standards which will be kept in this project are aimed at ensuring that our customers save 15% of the money that they used to spend on fast foods in the other restaurants. It will include also setting some goals that will be aimed at tracking the performance and also ensuring compliance with the milestones as well as the shared outcomes that demonstrate desired objectives and positive outcomes.

2.3 Organizational responsibilities for the project quality
Various groups in this restaurant will play different roles towards ensuring that XYZ fast-food restaurant produces quality goods and services. The production team will ensure that quality recipes are applied that will lead to quality foods. The management will ensure that the necessary mechanisms are put in place towards providing that the customer data is stored safely. These will ease the operations of this restaurant. There will also be a team which will be responsible for monitoring the training programs of the workers to ensure that the training is adequate. Besides, the management will also ensure that the necessary equipment is availed that will provide that operations of this restaurant project are smooth. Also, they will also need to ensure that the restaurant compound is kept clean throughout to prevent infectious diseases.
3.0 Product quality requirements
3.1 Customer requirements
Since our customers will be in need of quality foods which are delicious, cheap and also appealing to the eye, to meet their desires, the management will ensure that the necessary cooking procedures are followed that give tasty foods. Quality ingredients like screened meat and also fresh vegetables will be used for this purpose. Experienced cooks and receptionists will also be employed to ensure that the customers are fully satisfied.
3.2 Technical specifications
Auto-modern equipment will be used in this case to increase the efficiency of operations in this restaurant. This process will involve use of automated payment mechanisms that will ensure that the customers do not waste a lot of time in the queues. Enough ventilation will also be provided inside the restaurant to ensure that the comfort of the customers is enhanced. The product performance of the equipment which will be used in this XYZ fast food restaurant must perform by the specifications of the company.
3.3 Product deliverables accepted criteria
The restaurant will ensure that necessary mechanisms are put in place to ensure that the customers who desire to take our foods at their homes have it delivered to them. In this regard, they will be able to order their food either online or make the necessary calls. The menus will be provided at subsidized costs since our objective is mainly to take care of the welfare of our customers.
4.0 Quality assurance plan
4.1 Quality Assurance Activities
Quality Assurance plan is a well-structured process that is aimed at developing products and services that conforms to client’s needs. The following quality assurance steps and activities will be undertaken by XYZ fast foods restaurants to ensure that products and services offered by the restaurant conform to customer needs.
Step 1: Establish the quality planning project
The XYZ fast foods restaurant will undertake the following quality Assurance activities;
Identification of the projects requirements that are necessary for fulfilling the organization’s quality strategy. In this regard, the management of XYZ project will need to carry out the following; Set Quality Goals, Nominate and select projects and select teams for supporting and monitoring quality (Michener, 2018). Furthermore, as part of their Quality assurance plans the XYZ fast foods restaurant will establish quality control team. This team will be involved in sharing ideas, experiences as well as in promoting the sense of commitment to help the organization achieve its goal. Besides, the Quality team will establish product and services policies. In this regard, the XYZ fast foods restaurant will be responsible for creating clear policy guidance concerning quality and product development.
Step 2: The XYZ Project quality team will need to undertake intensive market research to understand its customers as well as their varying needs.
The following Key activities will be carried out to understand customer quality needs of products and services; conducting customer surveys, tracking customer complaints and holding customer meetings. This will help in analyzing reports pertaining customer needs.

Step 3: Develop products and services
Once the XYZ Project management has understood client’s needs, there will be needing to design quality products and services that will fulfill the identified needs.
For this project, the following quality assurance activities will be carried out to ensure that products and services conforms to client’s standards quality; determine methods of identifying product features, develop detailed product features and goals and Optimize product features and goals.
Step 4: Develop the process
This refers to the process of defining the specific means to be used by operating personnel for meeting product quality goals. This will involve various activities such as reviewing processes involved in creating products and services.
Step 5: Develop control operations
For this project, the following Quality control activities will be undertaken; identification of quality controls, carrying out inspections and establish audit plans to identify quality controls needed.
4.2 Quality assurance responsibilities
The project manager will take the responsibility of the quality assurance activities so as to ensure that they are competed as expected. In this case, the project manager will delegate specific activities to specific groups of people for execution.

4.3 Quality assurance review and audit procedures
The best way to ensure that XYZ fast food restaurant project will be making sure that the necessary review on quality assurance progress. The project team will also need to audit the quality assurance procedures. The review and auditing of procedures will be essential in ensuring that everyone remains satisfied with the final product of this project.
The quality assurance review and audit procedures will involve checking the accuracy of the data which will be carried out by the data analysts in the project team (Michener, 2018). This will involve making sure that the data accuracy is at 100%, carrying out data accuracy verifications in the report tables as this review is expected to be done in stage 3 of data verification.
The review of the structure will also be conducted to ensure that it meets the expectations of the sponsors of this project as well as the external stakeholders. This will be done by ensuring that the sections of the report are reviewed by both parties. This will be carried out by the project manager and will be done after the outline of the report structure is completed by the project team.
The content of the report will also be reviewed to ensure that the text is consistent with the experience of the project managers. The verification of the accuracy of the text is done through ensuring that the initiative and the program managers sign off. The review of the content of the report will be conducted by the members of the project team in stage two. The review of the report will be conducted for the purpose of ensuring that it is in line with the goals and the objectives of the project (Michener, 2018).
The report content will also be reviewed so as to ensure that it has consisted tone and style of writing. This will be assured through proofreading of the report content. The sponsors, the project manager, as well as the project team, will carry out this process. This will be done by compiling all tables and the report contents into final drafts, and the necessary feedbacks addressed.
Moreover, the format of the XYZ fast food restaurant project report will also be reviewed to ensure that it complies with the corporate standards for the documents which will be published. The assurance of this will involve comparing the report formats to the template of the corporate. This will be done by the analysts of the corporate after all the report sections and templates are compiled into final drafts (stage 3).
4.4 customer acceptance testing
XYZ fast food restaurant project will be accepted after all the necessary signatories are acquired. This will include the signing off of the structure of the report content and the final product by the national grid manager, sponsors of the and also the EERMC. This will be an enough prove that the XYZ fast food restaurant project has met all the required quality standards to kick off its operations in this Tiffin city as stipulated by Michener (2018).
. In this case, all the stakeholders will be expected to be comfortable with the final product.
4.5 process improvement plan
To improve the quality assurance process of this XYZ fast food restaurant project, continuous communication with the concerned parties will be paramount. Keeping the communication alive will ensure that the members of the project team are made aware of the changes that may arise during the process. This will be ensured through a project team creating a relationship with the people they are working with while making sure that it reports on a weekly basis any noted changes to the project team meetings. The project team will also be able to share the best practices among themselves during these weekly meetings concerning getting the relevant information concerning the project from the program initiative managers among others (Michener, 2018). The process will also be improved through the project team ensuring that there is complete formatting compliance. This will be done through ensuring that all the required documents are acquired at the right time with the correct format. This will help in reducing the issues of non-conformance of the documents with the corporate standards.

Goetsch, D. L., & Davis, S. B. (2014). Quality management for organizational excellence. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.
Michener, W. K. (2018). Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QA/QC). In Ecological Informatics (pp. 55-70). Springer, Cham.

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