Child’s holistic development


Parents understanding of the Benefits of how a play-based learning program supports a child’s holistic development

To the writer, This is just the final research that you need. You need to change the DISCUSSION and CONCLUSION as well as the RECOMMENDATION. PLEASE make sure that you read all the ARTICLES before you do the DISCUSSION PART as that part needs to be linked. (AS HER COMMENT ON THAT DISCUSSION PART, she said that it looks like the literature was not appropriate for the research topic. ON THE SURVEY QUESTION: (Specially in the question 7 on the survey result) (READ HER COMMENTS) MAKE SURE THAT THATS ON THE ARTICLES PLEASE READ AND CHECK THE INSTRUCTION LIST I WILL ATTACH EVERTHING BACK


• I will attach the teachers comments (the final research that you did)

• You will need to change the DISCUSSION and CONCLUSION as well as the RECOMMENDATIONS

• As you will see she highlighted everything the DISCUSSION and CONCLUSION as well as the RECOMMENDATIONS

• Check all her comments on that final research

• Check her comments on the SURVEY RESULTS part as well (specially number 7)

I already talked to her about the DISCUSSION AND CONCLUSION part.

• You will need to do similarities and differences each of the questions (the 20 questions and answers) on the 5 articles on my research paper.

For Example on how you will starts each of the questions:

• In question 1 my survey found that the majority of ……… This is similar findings to the (on what articles on my research)
(You need to show her that all the question are linked to the articles in the research)
• You need to do this in each of the questions and answers.

On the RECOMMENDATION part Only:
• You will also need to change the recommendation part as she also highlighted everything on that part.
• You just need to make it simple
For example:

• You need to do recommendations for the parents to further develop their understanding about play-based learning and on how this will benefits on the holistic development of their children. (Then give them like articles, website etc.) Also put a link if you are providing something.

• You also need to do recommendation for the childcare centre.
Lke for example:
• Recommend them that they can have a night for the parents meeting for them and for the parents to discuss and talk about play-based learning.
• Or give them understanding on what are the benefits of a play-based learning program on their child’s holistic development (Something like that)



• You will need to change that as well. Make it simple.

For example start with a conclusion like:

• In conclusion, I was surprised that……… (always linked to the research)

To the writer,

If you have any questions please do message me.

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