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Statistical Decisions Model
It is clear from the material in this course that descriptive and inferential statistics play a critical role in research in the behavioral and social sciences. Since you will further your education via coursework and application in your respective fields, it is important to reflect on the knowledge you have gained and its applicability to your future in your chosen profession. Utilizing all that you have learned and been exposed to in this course, write a paper or presentation providing an overview of your knowledge of basic and inferential statistics, specifically discussing how you would go about deciding upon the appropriate statistical tests to use for a study.

Include the following in your assignment:

Create and present a decision tree, outline, or other model that includes a series of questions to help someone decide what statistical test is appropriate for a study. Consider the number, type, and scale of measurement of the variables, as well as what you may want to know about the variables (e.g., relationship, difference, etc.). This may be presented as a chart, table, mindmap, or other visual representation, or simply formatted as an outline.
Explain the steps involved in the model and how you created this model for making statistical decisions. What were the easiest and most difficult parts of this process?
Describe two different studies of interest to you. (Note: Neither study should be one that you focused on in any of the assignments during the course.) Include the following in the description:
Research Question – List the research question for each study.
Hypotheses – List the statistical notation and written explanations for the null and alternative hypotheses for each study.
Variables – Identify the variables and each of their attributes: discrete or continuous, quantitative or categorical, scale of measurement (nominal, ordinal, interval, or ratio), and independent or dependent.
Demonstrate how you would utilize the statistical decisions model you created to choose the appropriate, specific test(s) for each study. What is your conclusion using this model? Did the model lead you to the correct test(s)? If not, how do you know and what changes might need to be made to the model?
Why might a statistical decisions model be useful in statistics and research methods? What are its limitations?
What did you learn or gain from creating this model and applying it to the study of interest? How might you use this model in the future?
The format for this presentation can take the form of a paper. The paper should be a minimum of 2100 to 2800 words long (excluding title and references pages) and include a title page, introduction, conclusion, and references page. APA formatting should be used for the paper. Utilize at least four resources for this paper, which should be cited accordingly.

I am great at history, I teach history when there are jobs, but I suck at stats. The teacher knows this and if the stats wording and everything is too good it will trigger alarms.

Thepaper is due the but the sooner the better. the format is APA6. I have a perrla program that I have been using to format my stuff. I broke my wrist and am running out of time.

I did do a question on the Roman army and its training and that might be the best. I could write a history paper in no time at all 5-10 pages in 2 days easy but stats I am hopeless

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