Readings in the History and Systems of Psychology


For this assignment you must read chapters fourteen and fifteen from Brennan’s book, Readings in the History and Systems of Psychology (2nd Ed.). What in this selection supports the identification of James with pragmatism in his definition of psychology? What did Dewey mean by the reflex arc concept in the study of motor activity? Format your paper in APA style with the correct cover page and the correct reference page format. You do not need to include an abstract. For the correct APA format consult pages 41 – 49 of the APA manual. Your paper should be from 5 – 7 pages long including the cover and references pages. The correct method of referencing chapters from an edited book can be found on page 204 of the APA manual. This paper should be submitted to me by 11:30 PM on June 26th. No late papers will be accepted.

Please Please site the source. Received a grade of an 80 on last paper. This is what my professor stated. Must include a running head and page numbers. Site all sources even when paraphrasing. If you don’t my paper could be plagiarized.

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