Diagnostic Interview

After watching Clinical Interview for YouTube (O’Connell, 2012), https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWQ2VRO0OGY
use the Diagnostic Interview: Assessing for Understanding (Van de Walle et al., 2013) tool to assess the student’s van Hiele level. The interview tool can be found on page 90 of your text or in the PDToolkit (Van de Walle et al., 2013). After watching the interview, answer the following:

Explain the concept or concepts that were being assessed in the video?
Based on the student’s performance and your use of the interview tool from the text, at which van Hiele level is she performing?
How do you know? Use the text and the student’s work to support your answer.
Did the person administering the test influence the student’s responses in any way? Please elaborate on your response.
What next steps would you take to assist the student with the concept and potentially move to the next van Hiele level?
What are some of the challenges and benefits of completing this activity in a mathematics classroom?
How can you use the information provided in this assessment to guide your teaching practice? Please give some examples of potential responses from students that could change your teaching approach based on a student’s van Hiele level.


Sample Solution

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