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What are the Components of an Annotated Bibliography?
● An Overview: This will be a paragraph or two in which you:
● Explain your topic, question and claim or working thesis (a “working” thesis is what your thesis would be if you were to write the paper right now. It’s called “working” because it might change)
● Summarize what you have found out so far from your sources what you still want/need to find out – and where you might look.

● Then, list each of your sources in MLA format and, below EVERY source, write 1-2 paragraphs in which you:
● explain why this is a relevant and reliable source (you may find sources that are not relevant or reliable–but these are not worth listing in your annotated bibliography).
● Summarize the basic claim of the source.
● Respond to the source
● Plan. Explain how you will use this source
● Synthesize. Explain the way this work fits with–or challenges–other information you have about the topic.

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