Pancreatic Cancer Epidemiology

Select a health-related research topic for which a proposal will be written. You can choose a problem that you have a personal interest in or has implications for your professional practice . Construct three research questions for your selected topic . Identify search terms based on variables that you will need to answer your proposed research questions . Utilizing the library databases, locate research studies that have been conducted on your topic For this review, identify no less than six (6) publications in peer-reviewed journals related to your topic . Your paper must reflect analysis and synthesis. Review and discuss the Methods of those studies. Identify the type of study, study design Participants, sample size and sampling method Identify variables and level of measurement Discuss data analysis and presentation of data . Identify statistics and tests (Test of Hypothesis) performed and statistical software used for analysis. With consideration of the literature review and course learning, write a carefully considered hypothesis that addresses at least one risk factor that has not been tested in the studies you have read: Design a study that you could conduct that would support your hypothesis. In your study design include (30 points) Who would be your subjects, how would you select them, how would you avoid bias? How will you collect data? What type of study would you conduct? Based on your proposed study, discuss how you would analyze your hypothetical data once collected by identifying statistical measures that you would use to validate your hypothesis. With the assumption that your hypothetical results prove to be statistically significant, discuss what changes you would recommend, include a plan to communicate your findings and application to health care organizations



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