Critical analysis of a central process

Critical analysis is a central process in all academic work. It involves thinking critically, which is applying rational and logical thinking, while deconstructing the information that you research/study. When we think critically, we are thinking actively. This means that we do not passively accept everything we read and hear, so that we can question, evaluate, make judgments, find connections, and categorize information. It means we remain open to other points of view and are not blinded by our own biases.

1. Topic; Can you appoint friends or family to commissions or boards to serve in your public office (In America)?
2. The research paper requires a public administration topic selection that focuses on an ethical scenario that confronts you in public administration.
3. What is the problem that you want to investigate? State the problem as a question.
4. Why does this problem interest you?
5. What does the literature say? Find three to five research-based articles about the topic as a literature review.
6. What did you learn about this topic in relation to addressing the problem that you researched? What new knowledge, recommendations, or proposed solutions have you uncovered?





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