Human Developmental Interview

Conduct a 45-60 minute interview with a professional in a career field you are interested in pursuing (Health Care).
How long has the professional been employed in this profession and how long at the current place of employment? How does the individual use human growth and development in their daily career activities? What specific age group does the professional serve most often? How is what the professional observes about the age group similar or different to what was learned in course work, etc.? What type and how many human development courses or activities did the professional complete as a part of their basic professional education Describe the informant’s career and daily activities. Summarize findings from the interview, specifically the informant’s perceptions about human development. Discuss how your informant’s perceptions about human growth and development are similar to or different from what you have learned or read. Describe the assumptions or limitations of a developmental theory found in the text that might be related to the developmental discussion during your interview and if the theory was useful or helped you to understand or explain what your informant told you about development.




Sample Solution

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