International Social Work: Children and Youth

Now we turn our focus to children and youth. This week we have the pleasure of hearing a unique perspective from our guest speaker, Dr. Rene Olate. Dr. Olate is an Assistant Professor at the College of Social Work, OSU and is a well-known expert in the area of youth gangs research. He has researched gangs in US as well as in South America and will give you first hand information on his experience on what causes youth to join gangs, gang dynamics as well as international criminal and economic reasons for gang formation. To being this lecture, please click on the video below:

For this discussion, please respond to the questions below. Please remember that your learning must be something unique, not already identified by another student.

In your own words, what are the reasons for youth joining gangs in South America?
In your own words, what role foes gang membership play in an individual’s life?
In your own words, describe some of the related social issues that youth face because of gang membership




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