Ronald Takaki’s essay.

What is the thesis of Ronald Takaki’s essay?

What evidence does he offer for its truth?

Do you find his argument convincing? Explain.

What effect do the statistics have on the reader?

Explain whether some of the statistics seem more convincing than others.

What evidence does he cite to support or reject the belief “mericans are a “model minority”?

What do you think a genuine model minority would be like?

Give any racial or ethnic minority in the United States that can serve as a model? Explain why or why not.

Why do you think that the other Wes Moore is sexually active at such a young age?

How might Alicia’s pregnancy affect Wes’s future?

Discuss the various influences on the two boys.

How are these influences shaping the boys as they mature?

Describe what uappens in this scene and discuss the significance of Wes’s decision to return back to camp instead of fight.



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