American Values

The Trump administration has:
succeeded in passing tax law that favors large corporations and the billionnaire elite more than the working and middle classes; reduced federal budget appropriations for environmental protection,education, housing, health, womens’s rights, and voters rights; installed Cabinet Secretaries who have: severely curtailed the operations of the Executive Departments and underdepartments; dismantled regulations that endanger the public but favor business, particularly megacorporations; ignored proven science and expertise on all variety of social and economic issues; aggressively promoted anti-immigrant and racist falsehoods; signed Executive Orders and ordered policy changes against immigrants, both legal and illegal; aggressively promoted anti-news media falsehoods. In light of all these facts, according to several reliable national polls, Pres. Trump enjoys 40 to 48% support of the general public and 85 to 92% of support of members of the Republican Party.
What American ideals and values are demonstrated by these actions?



Sample Solution

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