Classification and Processing of Fingerprints (FOIN 4060)

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The general concept of fingerprinting is the science that allows us to identify the person physically. Considering the physical impressions of the drawings that form the papillary ridges on the fingertips of the hand. Recognizing and explaining the origin and function of dactyloscopy: Its origin begins in 1883. The system was designed by Bertillon, based on the detailed description of the subject, using a profile photograph and the precise measurement system of the body, (anthropometry), head, height, reach and length of the left foot. This system certifies that it is not altered from the 20 years until the person dies. But in the 20th century this system created doubts if the process was carried out by inexperienced personnel and / or not properly trained. In other cultures, fingerprints were used on documents to identify the person. At one time it was suggested to classify the footprints under three patterns: 1. Ties 2. Maple 3. Spirals With this it was shown that there are not two people with the same identity, that is, there are no two identical prints, and the impressions of the people do not change from one day to the next. Based on this study, the classification system where the search is performed was created. System that is used today, maintaining a logical sequence. It should also be mentioned that the largest fingerprint files are kept by the Federal Bureau of the FBI The method used to identify Will West was the anthropometry system taking measurements of the head, height, reach and length of the left feet. As in this process, it failed, because the two inmates gave the same measures. Then, where they take into account the identification of Will West by fingerprinting using fingerprints, where the perenniality, immutability, deltas and papillary crests are considered, this process certifies the identity of Will West.


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