How aging, ethnicity, life situations, and disease have affected this person and their health as an aging adult

Give an overview of the individual’s background to include items such as where they grew up, ethnicity per self-report, educational level, special interest, immediate family composition, economic concerns, if any. Describe what they see as their most important accomplishments and challenges (if any). Determine what impact, if any, the older person feels being from an ethnic minority has had on her or his life course. How does this relate to the information you learned in this course and in your research (you will need to cite your sources)? Ascertain and describe the type of contact the older person has with other people (particularly young people, organizations, and social services). Describe how the older person uses these contacts to meet their needs. How does this relate to what you learned in the class and in your research (cite your sources)? Report about the older person’s perception of how they are treated as an older adult. Does the individual feel his/her specific ethnicity plays a role in that treatment? Describe what living with a chronic disease means to this individual, (if applicable) and how they view utilization of healthcare resources as relevant. Relate this to the information you learned from the book and your research (cite your sources). Summarize what this experience of interviewing this older adult has meant to you in terms of career goals, responsible citizenship, and self-fulfillment, and relate to the text readings/coursework.



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