Federal legislation and equality in the workplace

1. We have federal legislation which strives to ensure that there is equality in the workplace. Describe three different laws which promote equality and discuss how those laws protect certain groups from discrimination. In your opinion, what future legislation is needed to decrease discrimination in the workplace.
2. Discuss the model of communication and the specific channels/methods which impact effective and efficient communication.
3. There are four key organizational roles which different employees can represent to help to facilitate change and innovation. Discuss three of these roles and explain how each role can lead to change and/or innovation within a work environment .
4. Manager Mando is setting up a work group to create a new snack food called Maniac Mando’s Muffin Tops. This workgroup will be in charge of taking off the Muffin Tops and wrapping them for sale. This is not the most exciting job. Manager Mando is trying to keep his employees motivated. What are three theories that you have studied to help Mando keep his employees motivated? How do those two theories apply to this situation and what strategies and/or actions would support those theories in motivating these employees.



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