Cyber security Strategy, Law and Policy

The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has indicated that your organization has been requested by the National Security Council (NSC) to comment on the upcoming National Cybersecurity Strategy. The NSC has asked for specific recommendations as it relates to the next cybersecurity strategy, private / public partnerships, and comments on how specific technologies should be incorporated into the assessment.
The CTO has asked you to lead a group of experts to provide the organizational input. The specific questions you must respond to are provided below:

After reading the Cybersecurity Act of 2015, address the private / public partnership with the DHS NCCIC. Arguably the most important aspect of the Act. The Cybersecurity Act of 201 5 allows for private and public sharing of cybersecurity threat information. What should the DHS NCCIC (public) share with private sector organizations? What type of threat information would enable private organizations to better secure their networks? On the flip side, what should private organizations share with the NCCIC?




Sample Solution

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