1. The Situation: Prior to your travel program, your class decides to create hashtags, making it easy to share photos on social media. Everyone thinks this is a great idea and is anxious to participate. Unbeknownst to the teacher, a group of students decide to create an additional hashtag to pair with unflattering photos of a particular student, sneakily taken during the program. The group of students let their classmembers know about the other hashtag by word of mouth — and then you hear about it.

1.Refer to your Legendary Leadership List and how you’ve defined a good leader and positive character traits.

2. Read the story linked above about the girl who got even with her cyber bulliers. How did she use her leadership to prevent a bad situation from becoming worse?

3. Think about the situation above and how you would react. Answer the following questions in a three-page response or a three-four minute video. You are encouraged to use outside resources to cite statistics.

How would a good leader handle this situation?
How would you act in this situation?
Describe how you would show leadership to combat the bullying. Develop a plan of action (with at least three clear, distinct steps.)
Social media is extremely prevalent in our lives. How can it be manipulated to make a bad situation (like the one described above) turn out to be good?
Explain how both a positive and negative aspect of Nicole’s story surprised you. Finally, identify how your Legendary Leadership List applies to her.



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