Medicare Beneficiaries

Identify the group(s) of people who are eligible for Medicare but have not reached the age of 65. What type of Medicare benefits (Part A or B) can these groups enroll in? Can you think of reasons why these groups are covered by Medicare?
If a Medicare beneficiary lives in or travels to a foreign country, does or should Medicare cover medical services rendered in that country – for either an emergent encounter or on an ongoing basis?

Children’s Health Insurance Program
Please briefly introduce the State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) of your state of residence.
What kind of services are covered?
What are the eligibility?
How does SCHIP differ from your state’s Medicaid?
Review two (2) additional state’s (SCHIP) programs and do a comparison to your state of residence.

Discussion 4: Payment Mechanisms and Reform Initiatives under PPACA
Please discuss the difference between prospective and retrospective payment system.
Please identify and describe three payment reform initiatives in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.
Will there ever be (in your opinion) an acceptable solution for providing Health-Care Insurance to all?
Do you feel it is acceptable to expect “the haves” to provide Health care Benefits for the “have nots” through the expansion plans for Medicaid?
Is there a necessity for patient education with respect to insurance, both for private and government coverage? How should a patient education program be structured and delivered?




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