Company, Agency or Organization Internship On Completion

Describe and/or explain what the company, agency or organization does. Is it for profit, or non-profit?
Your assigned duties – explain or attach job description. What is your job title and role within the organization?
What orientation, training or supervision were you provided? Was is sufficient, how could it have been better?
Accomplishment of Objectives

List each of your learning objectives individually and how each was met.

Teamwork skills demonstrated – detail
Professional work habits demonstrated – detail
Professional networks established – detail
Development of technical expertise in Hospitality Management – detail
Identification of professional and personal development needs – detail
Assessment of your career objectives – detail

Think about the different classes you’ve had and what you’ve taken from them. How have you applied or seen relevance with what you’ve learned. I expect to see multiple examples.
How has this internship helped you think about your next internship or your future career? Has it changed your plans?










Sample Solution

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