The Early Councils

Discuss the following

The Council of Nicea and other early Christian Councils
Food in Europe in the Middle Ages
The role of women in medieval Christianity
The role of women in medieval Judaism
The role of women in medieval Islam
Anti- Semitism in the Middle Ages
Greco-Roman Sculpture
The Ebionites and the Marcionites: Their Similarities and Differences
The Development of Islamic Art
Family Life in Rome
Roman Painting Styles
Biblical Creation Myths and Medieval Art
The Bible in Judeo-Christian Art
The Roman Basilica and the Christian Basilica
Neo-Platonic Influence in Early Christian Theology
The History of Hagia Sophia
Avicenna: Medieval Islamic Philosopher
The Role of Calligraphy in Islamic Art
Hildegard of Bingen
Feudal Monarchs
Romanesque Architecture
Medieval Chivalry







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