1) The speed of sound in air at 20C (293 K) is 342 m/s. What would the speed of sound be on a very hot day, say 40C (313 K)? 2) Suppose a spring has a mass of 2 kg, and a spring constant of 800 N/m. What would the natural, or resonant, frequency of the spring be? 3) A wind chime (open-open_ is 0.86 m long. What would it’s fundamental frequency be? (Hint: the sound a flute makes resonate in air, speed of sound = 343 m/s) 4) You construct a simple woodwind instrument (closed-open) with a fundamental frequency of 50 Hz. How long is it? (see hint for #3) 5) A violin string has a fundamental frequency of 120 Hz. Find the next four harmonics for this string .6) A musician produces a note with a frequency of 300 Hz. What would the frequency of a note 4 octaves higher be?




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