Substitute employees in the school district of California PA are hired based on their qualifications. They are then assigned jobs through a rotating schedule based on their “turn” in the list. For example, a person may be first on the list to be called when a sub is needed. If that person turns down the job for the day, the next person on the list will be called and the original person called will move to the end of the list. This process is used for all subs from teachers to maintenance workers. The Superintendent of the California School District, Dr. James Gallo has become increasingly concerned that the process for calling in subs is not being followed.
You have been hired as an outside IT consultant and have been tasked with creating a “computer solution” to the problem. The solution must be up and running in 3 months. For this project, you may make any assumptions you like and are to create the following:

1. Create a Scope statement. In the scope statement, you must define the deliverables, including the schedule, budget and product/service. You must define all stakeholders
2. According to the scope statement you have defined in step #1 above, define the WBS
3. Define all Resources that are needed for the project (include WORK and COST Resources)
4. Create a network diagram using the WBS from step #2 above
5. Using the Stakeholders defined in step #1 above, create a Responsibility Matrix (RACI or RASIC)



Sample Solution

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