Social Psychology

a) Few would disagree that human aggression is a very pressing social problem that leads to violent criminal acts, and that it is important to understand the causes of aggression before we can intervene to reduce it. How would a social psychologist approach this phenomenon? How would a social psychologist’s approach differ from the approach of a personality psychologist or a sociologist?
b) You and your friend are debating the greatness of the human mind. She claims that relying on schemas and automatic processes is ultimately detrimental, but you contend that such processes have their benefits. List and explain TWO benefits to relying on schemas and automatic processes, as well as TWO drawbacks to using these processes.
c) Juliana thinks of herself as a health-conscious person. As she is eating a steak one evening, she sees a news report that consuming red meat increases the risk of breast cancer by over 50 percent! At this moment, she is experiencing a large amount of cognitive dissonance. State TWO ways people can reduce dissonance, and apply these techniques to Juliana’s dissonance: that is, give an example of each of the two dissonance reduction techniques Juliana could use. (50-100 words)
d) Explain what two conflicting norms operated in Stanley Milgram’s classic obedience experiments. Explain why one norm was more likely to be obeyed than the other.
e) Write a reflective report on the following: What sort of leader do you think you would be? Discuss the reasons why you think your type of leadership would be beneficial or otherwise should you become a boss in your own company. Discuss also how you can improve. (Your report can include relevant examples, images, citations etc. to support your writing).





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