Composition and Generation

Using the readings as starting point, research how architectural literature and practice reacted to the shift from composition to generation, include the topics of algorithmic thinking, parametric modelling and scripting cultures.
Critique the use of generation in the architectural design process. Be sure to investigate both the advantages and shortcomings of this approach to design.
I have chosen two case studies that should be elaborated. Consider their position and role within architectural discourse and construct a convincing argument justifying the value of a computational approach to design. Please write about 300 words for each example.
1.) Urban Agency // Roland Snooks (Kokkugja)
2.) Plethora Project Series
Here are some of the links of previous student examples. Please check the Composition and Generation section. You only need to write for that section of the book.
Referencing: Ensure all references are correctly cited as footnotes (using the MHRA style guide) and the full list of references in alphabetical order are included at the end of the document.











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