Differential equations

(1) Demonstrate your knowledge of ODEs by solving an ordinary differential equation (linear or nonlinear or system) that is commensurate with this course — that is, at a level with the techniques used in this course. (For example, solving y’=ky, the growth and decay equation, is NOT commensurate with this course since it can be solved using Calculus I methods.)
(2) Demonstrate a use and understanding of parameters by parameterizing your equation (for example through the coefficients, proportionality constants, or right hand side, etc.) and finding generalize solutions (and their effects on the solutions) in terms of these parameter either analytically or numerically.
(3) Demonstrate your knowledge of computerized methods by using a software application (or “app”) to help solve or understand (for example by using phase plots to visualize possible solutions) the generalized solutions to your equations.


Sample Solution

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