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First, listen to: Freakonomics, “How can this possibly be true?” (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.(first 20 min) to gain inspiration for this assignment. They use a famous economic essay called “I, Pencil,” to think about global supply chains and all of the specialized knowledge that goes into making an item as simple as a pencil. Can we follow the path of a food to understand what goes into getting from farm to plate? Choose a food or category of food then describe how it is produced and current/future challenges related to production. For example, you may choose apples, broccoli, cheese…zucchini, or anything in between. I would recommend a single food rather than an item made of many ingredients, like pizza.

Description of current/future challenges related to production of the food: Describe current constraints to production (i.e., drought, disease, labor, natural resources, markets, etc.). What scientific or technological changes are possible to remove the production constraints? Outlook for producing food: Evaluate the possibility of overcoming current production constraints What economic, social or political barriers exist to addressing the production challenges with technology that you described above? If a technological change is implemented, what unintended (but anticipated) outcomes could result for the food system?




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