Academic Reflection and Psychology Interest

1.1 Provide your vision and professional aspirations beyond the degree. Psychology
1.2 Explain the effectiveness of your personal time management.
1.3 Indicate your level of information literacy/library search skills.
1.4 Summarize your ability to make logical, persuasive arguments about course and discipline concepts and ideas. In other words, your ability to apply critical thinking skills.
1.5 Explain your ability to use effective communications.
1.6 Include three of your most valuable strengths as a student that will help you to succeed in your program. Discuss the evidence that you have to indicate that you possess these strengths.
1.7 Summarize the three most important areas you need to strengthen as a doctoral student. Discuss the evidence that you have to indicate that you need to strengthen these three areas and explain how you integrated these areas into the goals you set .
1.8 Determine any challenges you will face while strengthening these areas.
1.9 Identify strategies you can use to overcome these challenges.










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