Poor living conditions in NY affecting Health

• Identify one existing struggle in your community, or a community with which you are familiar, that can improve health equity, e.g., land use, a living wage, paid sick leave, affordable housing mandates, toxic clean-ups, lead paint removal, etc.

• Who in your community is already working on this issue? Consider organizations, informal groups/coalitions, and even individuals.

• In what ways could you partner with, or contribute to, the change effort underway? In other words, how can you become a partner for change in your community? Use local media resources (e.g. newspapers and credible websites), and other credible web resources as appropriate to support your approach.

• If you wanted to contact the local media to convince them to profile this issue from a health equity lens, what are the most important facts and resources you would want to provide? Be brief and to the point; the media often will not sift through vast amounts of materials.

• If you were to organize a meeting to brief officials in government agencies about the social determinants of
health inequities in your community, what two officials would you invite and why?



Sample Solution

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