Canadian Criminal Code

For each of the following ten offences taken from the Canadian Criminal Code, specify if it is a summary, indictable, or hybrid offence, before a conviction occurs.
When a foreign national (FN) is convicted of the offence would it render them inadmissible to enter Canada? If it does, explain how the FN could overcome their inadmissibility status, whether the conviction occurred in or outside of Canada. In addition, assess the impact that the conviction would have on the FN’s admission to Canada and immigration application.
Fraudulent use of certificate of citizenship s58 (1)
Engaging in prize fight s83 (1)
Possession of weapon for dangerous purpose s88 (1)
Operation while impaired s253
Impaired driving s255 (3)
Assaulting a peace officer s270
Theft s334
Forgery s367
Falsifying employment record s398
Identity fraud s403 (1)
Ensure that you cite relevant sections and subsections of IRPA, IRPR, Operational Manuals, Jurisprudence and all resources that you referred to in research of your responses.










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