Leadership Stories

1.Morning Star Story
Supplemental Reading: First Lets Fire All the Managers

2.HCL Story
Supplemental Video: Employees first, customers second | Vineet Nayar |TEDxAix

3. Gore and Associates Story

4.Tasty Catering Story
“Stories are the way we naturally think; the way we sort the natural information in our brain. They are also a way to remember – they cement ideas in our brain.” Kate Lutz

PLANNING (Strategy Formulation)
What assumptions did the leader challenge?

Discuss three goals or objectives that the leader (or leaders) developed.

ORGANIZING (Strategy Implementation)
Describe five processes that the leader(s) developed and implemented to transform the organization.

Discuss three processes that were used to inspire and motivate employees at the company.

Describe three organizational control mechanisms/processes that helped in accomplishing the leaders’ goals.



Sample Solution

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