The Case of the New Hire

Read the case study in ch. 5 from Razik & Swanson: The Case of the New Hire.

1. If you were Valerie Rizzo, what steps would you take in the first 30 days of your incumbency as the middle school principal to introduce the previously mentioned change-related issues while establishing effective human relations with your building staff?
2. How will you approach the previously mentioned issues with your administrative peers across the district?
3. What model(s) of human needs and leadership discussed in this chapter will you use to guide you in your new role? Why?
4. Prepare an action plan for yourself for the first half year that will allow you to begin the job, operate your school, and initiate appropriate changes. Be prepared to discuss the means by which you will motivate your staff to meet the challenges to come and explain why you are selecting those particular means


Sample Solution

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