“Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)” and “Information System Investments” and “Information System Investments”

• TCO is one way to account for costs associated with a specific infrastructure. This method does not include additional costs such as disposal costs — the costs to dispose of the system when it is no longer of use. What other additional costs might be of importance in making total cost calculations?

• Describe the conditions under which ROI, payback period, NPV, and EVA are most appropriately applied to information systems investments.

• Many times project managers must purchase goods and services to complete some or all of the work of the project. The purpose of the Conduct Procurements process is to obtain responses to your RFP (Request for Proposal), or a similar procurement document. Rank the following tools and techniques as it relates to procurement. Explain your ranking.
1. Advertising
2. Independent estimates
3. Analytical techniques
4. Bidder conferences
5. Proposal evaluation techniques
6. Expert judgment
7. Procurement negotiations







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