Contemporary strategy analysis

You have a choice of two cases from Grant’s ‘Contemporary Stratgy Analysis’ 9th Edition text book and must chose ONE:
Either • Harley-Davidson, Inc 2015 or • Wal-Mart Stores Inc 2015
You are required to read the chosen case and prepare a 10 minute board level Powerpoint presentation that addresses the following questions:

Harley-Davidson Inc. 2015 1. What resources and capabilities are needed to compete in the motorcycle industry? 2. How effectively does Harley Davidson’s strategy exploit its key strengths while protecting itself from its key weaknesses? 3. What threats to its continuing success does Harley Davidson face, and how should it respond?

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 2015 1. In which of Wal-Mart’s principal functions and activities do its main competitive advantages lie ? 2. To what extent is Wal-Mart’s competitive advantage sustainable? (20%) 3. What challenges does Wal-Mart face, and what measures does it need to take to sustain its recent performance?




Sample Solution

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