Research Design

Compare and contrast the two studies in the following areas.
Evaluate the method sections of the articles and note the following:
What specific type of design did the research use?
Does the design “match” the purpose of the study?
Will the design provide the information to achieve the purpose or answer the problem stated?
How was the sample obtained?
Based on the specific quantitative/ qualitative design of the study, was the sampling plan appropriate?
In the quantitative study, were the reliability and the validity of the research instrument( s) described?
In the qualitative study, how did the researcher record and organize the data? Were data obtained in the same manner from all subjects?
Evaluate how the data were analyzed.
In the quantitative study, were the statistical tests appropriate to the type of data collected?
In the qualitative study, were the data analyzed in a way consistent with the type of qualitative design?
In both studies, are conclusions consistent with the data?
Are limitations identified?
How could the study’s findings be used, in practice, to plan further research?



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