Developmental assessment

B is a healthy 5-y/o male of a 2 mother family who presents for a well-child evaluation in anticipation of kindergarten enrollment. He is overdue for 4 y/o immunizations. He demonstrates appropriate physical and developmental milestones and lack a significant past medical history or family history to raise concerns.

• Why is developmental assessment essential in the provision of primary care for infants, children, and adolescents, and what are the essential components of this assessment on the basis of a child’s age?
• Which tools will you use to assess specific components of development (such as speech, motor skills, social skills, etc.)?
• Which tools do you think are the most accurate in assessing the developmental components and why?
• Which components would you consider in assessing the basic biological functioning and well-being of your pediatric patients?
• Why are these components important in providing primary health-care services to children?





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