Ecommerce strategy

Mountain Equipment Co-op
In developing any internet project, an important part of the process occurs at the start before any expenses are incurred or purchases made. Management must pay close attention to making sure that the objectives of the website correspond to the overall objectives of the organization. By doing this, they ensure that the results of the website will benefit the overall operations and provide the organization with the competitive advantage needed to compete in a volatile industry.

In the case of the MEC website, the relationship between objectives is very evident and detectable. For example Mountain Equipment Cooperative is an organization that tends to focus on serving the environment. From maintaining environmentally friendly facilities to contributing to environmental activities, the entire organization seems to take pride in the way it respects its natural surroundings. This focus can be carried over to their website because a portion of the site can inform users of the environment and the importance of respecting it when out in nature. By doing this, the company is adding value to their organization and maintaining an element of social responsibility.
Submit a 750-word paper addressing the following questions:

1. How should the different market segments affect the website and ecommerce strategy?
2. Would start-up costs for an ecommerce strategy necessarily be lower than opening an additional bricks-and-mortar store?
3. What factors would you consider in deciding between investments in a bricks-and-mortar store versus an online only store?
4. What supply chain management concerns must MEC overcome?
5. What types of integration between bricks and clicks would you suggest in terms of supply-chain management?
6. Does the cost-benefit analysis appear reasonable?




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