Global Health Plan

Scenario 1: Maternal Health Care
Review the following videos and article:

● Democracy Now interview of Annie Waldman, reporter with ProPublica into the high death rates of black mothers in New York City (Part I)

● Part II of Democracy Now interview of Annie Waldman

● Black mothers keep dying after giving birth. Shalon Irving’s story explains why

● Link to the ProPublica investigation that shows that women who deliver at hospitals that disproportionately serve black mothers are at higher risk of harm.

Scenario 2: Vector Borne/Bacterial Outbreak Review the following video and articles:

● Bubonic plague outbreak in Madagascar

● Interview with Dr. Matthew Bonds on the plague outbreak and global health

● A quick video providing context and explaining the contemporary plague

● Tropical mosquitoes carrying disease spreading through Europe

● The link between Zika and climate change

2. Write a brief paragraph that outlines your overarching philosophy/worldview concerning the selected global health problem and potential solutions. What do you think is the best approach to spending global health funding?

3. Identify 5 global health priorities that you consider to be important that directly relate to your overarching philosophy/worldview from Question 2. Justify each priority with a short statement that summarizes credible and relevant research findings from studies or data

4. Write a short summary (1 paragraph) of how you would spend $100 million addressing your selected global health issue. Identify your main issue(s), target population(s), and specific action(s).






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