Communication Process/Key Influencers

The rapidly changing media environment is making it more and more difficult for marketers to reach their target audience. Consumers do not want to be passively marketed to, they want to be more actively engaged in the communication process. As such, marketers are challenged to come up with campaigns that resonate with and engage their target audience. Proctor & Gamble’s “Like a Girl” campaign described in your book is a great example of how P & G found a meaningful way to connect with their target audience. Many companies have found unique ways to connect with their audience by thinking outside the box in one or more stages of the communication process. Start on Part One after you’ve completed this week’s instructional materials.
Describe a successful marketing campaign that has approached one or more stages of the communication process in a creative way to connect with a target audience. Comment on the following:
Using the model of the communication process, comment on why the campaign in your example was successful. Talk about what was “sticky” about the campaign. Discuss the influencer (s) in the campaign (use the WOMMA guidebook) Comment as to why you think that messaging resonates with the target audience




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