Ecological footprint.

Whether we look at individuals, cities, or nations, everyone and everything has an impact on the Earth because we consume the finite products and services of nature. As a result, we each leave an ecological footprint, some environmental impact caused by the amount of natural resources we use and waste output we create. Footprints are calculated for countries by measuring the amount of resources (e.g. fossil fuel, acreage and land, housing, and transportation) consumed in a given year. Individual footprints can also be estimated.

What site did you use to calculate your footprint? What is your ecological footprint?
What is your reaction to your ecological footprint (i.e., surprised, shocked, knew it all along, etc.)?
What about your lifestyle do you think contributes to/explains your score? Would you like to change your score?
What are you willing to do to change it?
What environmental impact does your footprint have on your community?
How do you think your footprint compares to the rest of the world?





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