Editorial On ARDS Treatment

Read an editorial and discuss the role that they play in medical literature.

2. Develop an editorial based on a selected article. Editorial review: There are three basic types of editorials.

1. Editorials that explain

2. Editorials that evaluate

3. Editorials that persuade Editorials should meet the following criteria:

a. Background information that explains the situation/topic briefly

b. A stance that tells the reader exactly what is the writer’s position

c. Reasons to support the stance are based on facts and numbers usually three, but more or less can work if they are explained in detail

4. A rebuttal of the opposing side, explaining what the other side would say about the situation, and why the writer believes this is wrong

5. A conclusion and solutions are offered, that will fit the writers stance

This assignment will develop: SLO 1: Writing in the Profession. The paper must have the following elements.

1. Discuss the background information in the article

2. Your stance on the original article thesis or hypothesis

3. Reasons you support this stance. You must have at least three references to support your stance. You also must use AMA style to cite your references.

4. Identify potential flaws in the thesis or hypothesis and suggestions for improvements. 5. A conclusion which summarizes your paper.





















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