IT For Business

What are the most important features to consider before purchasing a PC?

Explain the notions of WAN, LAN, MAN and PAN.

What are the technical advantages of optical fibres over other communications media?

Wi-Fi is all around us. Is there any downside to its pervasiveness? Discuss

What can be done with database management systems that cannot be done with spreadsheet applications?

What does it mean to cleanse data before it is stored in a data warehouse?

What is a data warehouse? How is it different from a transactional database?

What is blogging, and what potential does it have for businesses?

What is an intranet and what purposes does it serve?

What is an extranet, and what purpose does it serve?

Discussion activity 5 Due: Friday 5pm, Week 10 Worth: 3% Covers: lecture 9 and 10

What is meant by the term ‘global information systems’?

The European Union has stricter privacy laws than the United States, and not many US companies are willing to comply with the EU Directive on Data Protection. How would you resolve the conflict?

Decision Support Systems use models to process data. Explain what a model is. Give two examples.

What is a sensitivity test? Give two example. Activate Windows

How could you use a Geographic information System to schedule your classesAflogintings to activate Windows. example.






























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