Determining highly effective interventions to prevent adult inpatient fall injuries by specialty area:

A mult hospital nurse survey. Authors: Huey-Ming Tzeng and Chang-Yi Yin Format of the proposal: Introduction


Background and significance of the problems

Statement of the problem

Statements of the purpose

Brief summary of relevant literature Framework (1-3 paragraphs — use tables if indicated)

Formulation of objectives, questions, or hypotheses

Definitions (conceptual and operational) of study variables

Definitions of relevant terms Methods and Procedures (5-8 paragraphs)

Description of the research design — include a model of the design, the strengths and weaknesses of the design validity

Identification of the populations and sample — include sample size, use of power analysis, sample criteria and sampling methods including strengths and weaknesses

Selection of a setting — strengths and weaknesses of the setting

Presentation of ethical considerations — protection of subjects’ rights and university and agency IRB plan and process

Description of the intervention is appropriate — including the protocol for implementing the intervention in detail, including who will implement the intervention, and describe how intervention fidelity is ensured. Not all studies will have interventions. Descriptive studies will not have interventions E Selection of measurement methods — include reliability, validity, scoring, and level of measurement of the instruments as well as plans for examining reliability and validity of the instruments in the present study; precision and accuracy of physiological measures

Plan for data collection — including the process, training of data collectors if appropriate, schedule, data-collection forms and management of data

Plan for data analysis — demographic data, analysis for research objectives, questions or hypothesis, level of significance and, if appropriate, other analysis techniques

Identification of limitations

Discuss communication of findings




























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