Marketing strategy for French audience

Write a 3,000-word brief for a marketing communications agency explaining your company’s marketing strategy and outlining what is needed by the agency in order to target a French audience for your company’s beverage called Irn-Bru

Irn-Bru (pronounced “Iron Brew”) is Scotland’s favourite fizzy drink. Owned by AG Barr & Co, this carbonated soft drink launch in Scotland in 1901 and its secret recipe has been handed down from generation to generation in the Barr family. Irn-bru is known for its bright orange colour and its edgy advertising campaigns.
Around 40 per cent of AG Barr’s sales are in Scotland and the rest is sold worldwide, normally in a community where there is a large Scottish expatriate population.

Irn-bru has recently taken the strategic decision to open a manufacturing facility in France. The company sees this strategic decision as a way of capturing more of the continental European market from Coke as well as well from well-known French non-alcoholic drinks manufacturers. They have decided to open a new manufacturing facility rather than expand their manufacturing plant in the United Kingdom.
As the global marketing manager for Irn-Bru, you have been tasked with finding an agency in France that can develop a tactical marketing plan based on AG Barr’s corporate and marketing strategy of further penetrating the European market starting with France. It is your responsibility to explain your company’s marketing strategy and outline what is needed by the agency in a 3,000 word document. You will need to include the following details in the brief: • Situation analysis: o External environment o Internal environment o Competitive environment • Target audience/persona • Audience segmentation • Tone of voice









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