The Trident Session Long Project (SLP) is, in fact, a session long project. However, each the four discrete assignments is uploaded and graded separately. The purpose of the project is to embed the concepts of the course in a real-world example of your own choosing.
Pick an organization to examine throughout the course. It may be one you work for, or have worked for; but in any event, it should be one you’re familiar with, and about which you’re able to collect information. It’s particularly important you be able to collect information about the following logistical functions:
• Facilities layout and warehousing (Module 1)
• Facilities layout and warehousing, from the logistical point of view, is primarily concerned with the temporary storage, management and retrieval of materiel received in advance of immediate requirements, and products either awaiting sale or being held for customers in advance of agreed-upon delivery dates.
For the first SLP, please address the following topics:

1. The name of the organization

2. Its primary business or mission

3. Why you chose this business

4. How it handles its warehousing functions





























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